Hot Wheels to the Extreme

Hot Wheels to the Extreme

Imagine the cacophony of 1,100 Hot Wheels cars zooming across metal tracks. Led down tracks laid out in every imaginable direction. Pushed to the extreme, powered only by the pull of gravity.

Then throw in a few motorized trains for good measure.

What do you get?

One of the most mesmerizing art exhibits you’ll ever encounter. It’s as if it was born of a child’s fantasy dream. There are towers of buildings jutting out from the dense weave of tracks. Look closely at the photo and you’ll see an attendant standing in the middle of the chaos. This could easily fill up an entire apartment.

Trying to follow one car throughout the 100s of feet of track is practically impossible. There are layers and layers of tracks. The cars are continuously moving at ridiculous speeds in what must be a gesture to appease an audience of ADD sufferers.

“It” is Metropolis II, from the mind of Chris Burden, and is currently on exhibit at LACMA and is an absolute must see in person.

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