Back to Back

Back to Back



I’m finding out that I’m pretty good at being mediocre at golf. In the last two MGA tournaments for the South OC chapter, I have come out on the top of the mediocre stack.

Back in August, the MGA Championship was played at Bella Collina Golf Club in San Clemente. It would ultimately be the largest tournament so far this year. In addition to that, the greens were easily the most difficult I have played. It was like putting on cement.

But after a few beers, my mind was put at ease and things started to get easier.

Yeah, right.

It was treacherous from the first drive to the very last putt. I was lucky to have survived, let alone win.

Then this month, the Douche Bag Invitational was played at San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capistrano. We all know this course to be pretty straight forward — not too many surprises. So the beer was free flowing during the round. With the heat and humidity kicked up a notch, it was a welcomed relief to have a cold beer on hand at all times.

Winning this tournament was pretty rewarding. Not just for the “trophy” that was an upside-down visor embroidered with a logo that depicts a roll of $1 bills with a $20 wrapped around the outside (douche, yes?) — but because the last time an MGA tournament was played at San Juan Hills, I missed forcing a playoff by 1 stroke.

Redemption was had.

And so were a few drinks, bogeys, and good times.

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