The Seattle Great Wheel Challenge

The Seattle Great Wheel Challenge

The Scene

A clear and cloudless Seattle night — yes, cloudless!

The Point of Interest

The Seattle Great Wheel — a big o’ ferris wheel that reaches a height of 175 feet and has 42 individual gondolas for riders.

The Objective

Take a photo of the Great Wheel.

The Setup

From an advantage point next to the Seattle Aquarium, directly across from the Great Wheel, the spinning wheel contrasts nicely from the surrounding still night.

The Stage

After setting up from your desired angle, you snap a photo. You check the result on the LCD screen of your camera — not good enough.

You take what is supposed to be a 2nd shot.


Another press of the shutter button.


The Challenge

Get back to your hotel room, charge up your camera battery, and return to the Great Wheel before it closes for the night.

Your hotel room is 6 blocks away and 22 stories up.

The Great Wheel closes in 20 minutes.



And boy did I go. Running back to the room to charge the battery for a few minutes, and then heading back to the pier to jump into position and set up for the shot. I had all of 3 minutes to compose and shoot away before the wheel shutdown, the spinning stopped, and the lights went out.

The Lesson

Always know your battery level and have spares. Total rookie.

2 thoughts on “The Seattle Great Wheel Challenge

  1. I just returned from La Mirada, CA to see my dad with my sister. Were you or are you in Seattle?..Someday, I hope to meet you, my niece, Angelina and your beautiful daughters. Hugs to all, Aunt Cheryl (206) 281-7723


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