Get to the Fair

Get to the Fair

Last year, June enjoyed her first time at the OC Fair by checking things out and observing all that the fair offered.

This year, she is a semi-willing participant by playing the games. Not all the games mind you — just a select few. She really doesn’t like the shooting water at the target game. But she enjoys the ball tossing games. Otherwise, she is more than happy to watch all of us play and reap the benefits of winning.

A handful of prizes = a good time at the fair

My 4 Girls

My 4 Girls

Want to know where my heart is?

It’s been multiplied by 4 and given to each of these girls.

Summer Is Here

Summer Is Here

Pool party + Capri Sun = Summer

Hi June!

Hi June

If you know June, you know she is tough to get to sit still.

Whether it’s because she just doesn’t like sitting still, or she refuses to listen to direction to sit still — she is always moving. She is never happy with sitting in one place doing one activity for too long. So to be able to get a half-way decent shot of her, that is a major accomplishment.

Mission Accomplished!

Happy 1st Birthday, 3.0!

Happy 1st Birthday, 3.0!

Another 365 days have passed by.

And now we find ourselves celebrating Willow’s 1st birthday.

 Happy birthday to my shadow!

My 3 Girls – Part 2

My 3 Girls - Part 2

In what I see being a reoccurring theme here, my 3 girls will be the center focus of many of my posts.

As any parent will attest to, comparing photos from different times brings out an indescribable joy and happiness.

The original My 3 Girls post was 9 months ago — they look pretty much the same, but different.

And I’m loving every minute of it.

Aloha from the Ha Clan

Aloha from the Ha Clan

Minus Willow, who was lounging back in the room.